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The crops are nearly complete and the mad rush Maramures style of getting all the hay in is coming to and end in September, unless the summer has not been good and so they might still be all out in the fields working late to get the hay stacked and into the barns. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours or book one of our villas direct you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather in Romania in September there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca Weather in Maramures in September is normally still hot and sunny days with warm evenings so still great for sleeping out in one of our cabanas or up at one of the sheep stations if your feeling brave. The high season is over yet the weather is still great and so a good time to visit and stay on one of our villas if your travelling without out children who go to school. Sitting around a fire in September is T shirt weather and hotter than any September you will experience in the UK. It can change the weather in September and be cooler, but we have not seen this yet.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2: Summer is over and we are rolling up our sleeves to head on to a new start. But in order to have the energy and enthusiasm to do it, you need to attend our epic Back in Business party! For one day, Cluj HUB will be turned into an out of this world entertainment space for all creatives, entrepreneurs, techies and business people to explore and have fun in! We are also celebrating 3 years of activity of Cluj HUB and we want to spend this special moment together with you!

Varianta pentru Android Luptam sa readucem semnificatia cuvantului matrimoniale acolo unde era odata, la casatorie si relatii serioase. Iar in sprijinul nostru vin si mentionari in media, care promoveaza si sustin eforturile noastre. Revizuieste informatiile pentru date Legislatia Uniunii Europene privind datele personale se modifica si dorim sa te ajutam sa revizuiesti informatiile referitoare la date. Te rugam sa consulti si sa accepti aceste modificari privind: Versiuni actualizate in ceea ce privesc Termenii si Conditiile si Politica de Confidentialitate Am actualizat regulamentele pentru a explica mai bine serviciul pe care il oferim, pentru a mentine un mediu sigur de interactiune si pentru a explica cum cream o experienta personalizata pentru tine.

Daca nu esti de acord, nu vei mai putea sa comunici si sa interactionezi cu persoane de pe Sentimente. Informatii importante cu privire la stergerea contului Nu intarziem stergerea contului dupa ce ai solicitat acest lucru. Daca iti stergi contul, nu te mai poti loga in site.

BUCHAREST (BUCURESTI) [Boo koo reshte’]

The city is served by five rail stations: It has an important diesel-powered locomotives depot and a freight terminal. Cycling[ edit ] Over the last six years, Sibiu has enjoyed a revival of cycling. The bicycle way in the city span for 43 kilometers. Bicycle rentals have offered a boost for the local economy with several small rental centers and a bigger rental center that is administered by the I’Velo Bike Sharing group.

BASSCOM is a non-profit industry association representing more than 80 leading companies developing software products and systems and offering comprehensive IT solutions, and over associated members, among which universities, foundations, venture capital funds, etc. The main objectives of the Association are to promote the Bulgarian software industry, to work for the improvement of the educational system and the introduction of e-government, to participate in creating and implementing policies for effective IT investments for the benefit of the entire society.

BASSCOM is actively working to popularize Bulgaria as a high-tech destination where software companies develop their own products and services with high added value. The aim of the project is to inspire young people to take career into IT industry buy informing them about all existing opportunities for courses and re-trainings. BAIT had established a National Office for Technology Transfer in the ICT sector, which aims to provide transfer of knowledge, innovations and technologies between the knowledge providers and the business.

It is a fast-growing organization, strongest in its field in Serbia. The cluster has its own Academy, organizing courses, presentations and lectures according to the needs of the members, as well as a separate Project Office that grows its projects portfolio and revenues every year. It is the first non profit organization in Serbia that gathers all professionals with interest in quality control and software testing in one community. Testwarez Testwarez is a space created by Polish Testing Board SJSI , the biggest non-profit organization in Poland, for you to boost knowledge sharing and launch discussions around challenges and trends in software testing.

Various expertise levels among speakers and conference attendees – ranging from highly skilled veterans through practitioners and theorists to enthusiastic beginners filling either management or engineering positions – allow for a unique opportunity of constructive and productive debates.

Elektronický hudební festival elektrického hradu v Cluj-Napoca, Rumunsko

Poti face o impresie placuta daca esti informat constant despre ce se intampla in jurul tau citind stiri si comunicate de presa actuale. Creeaza-ti un profil pe si alatura-te si tu celui mai mare site de matrimoniale din Romania. Poate lipsa curajului, timiditatea, teama de esec si nu in ultimul rand evitarea mitocaniei etc Pentru ca toti stim ca in general o persoana ne place imediat din primele minute sau nu.

Highways in Australia In Australia, a highway is a distinct type of road from freeways, expressways, and motorways. The word highway is generally used to mean major roads connecting large cities, towns and different parts of metropolitan areas. Metropolitan highways often have traffic lights at intersections, and rural highways usually have only one lane in each direction. The words freeway, expressway or motorway are generally reserved for the most arterial routes, usually with grade-separated intersections and usually significantly straightened and widened to a minimum of four lanes.

The term motorway is used in some Australian cities to refer to freeways that have been allocated a metropolitan route number. Roads may be part-highway and part-freeway until they are fully upgraded. The Cahill expressway is the only “named” expressway in New South Wales , which opened in , the first in the region. They are marked by a blue number sign. List of motorways in Belgium Belgium has the second highest density highway network in Europe after the Netherlands, at Most Belgian highways have three lanes with a few exceptions like the ring roads around Brussels and Antwerp which have five or six lanes in some stretches.

Belgium is situated at a crossroads of several different countries, and its highways are used by people of many nationalities. Belgian highways are indicated by the letter “A” and a European number, with E numbers being used most often. Roads that are part of a ring road around a city or a town are usually indicated by an R number. Many of the highways in Belgium are illuminated at night, since there is a surplus of nuclear-powered electricity during off-peak hours.


This section is courtesy of Ms. Rennon The following walks are designed to guide you around the four main areas of Bucharest, pointing out several unique sights. Stray from the routes as you wish, as you’re sure to find other interesting places along the way that are not mentioned here.

A city of more than , people, among which the most educated of them speak very well English, French and Italian, besides the official language — Romanian and besides Hungarian, the commonplace language. Cluj the short form of the name is one of the most attractive Romanian cities and a tourist delight for those who seek the experience of the most intense Transylvanian urban lifestyle with its nowadays modern and cultural spirit pulsating between the Gothic walls of the citadel.

The Greek geographer Claudius Ptolomeu was the first to write about this Transylvanian realm, believing it to be one of the most important localities for the old Dacia even before the Romans to set foot here. After the Daco-Roman wars which took place between AC and AC, Cluj became a very distinguished rural form civitas on the right bank of the river Semus. Following the Roman steps, travellers can find an old city with a rich cultural sensibility and historical legacy.

The Museum of Transylvanian History Muzeul de Istorie a Transilvaniei located on the Constantin Daicoviciu street is a great place to discover all these. To start the day in the time labyrinth of the capital of Transylvania, one should know that the city holds a collection of monasteries and churches, of a timeless beauty.

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It lived in what is now Romania during the latter part of the Late Cretaceous. Balaur was described by scientists in August , and was named after the balaur, a dragon of Folklore of Romanian folklore. It is known from a single partial skeleton representing the type specimen. Having been described as a “beefy version of the predatory Velocirapto, its name is Romanian language for ‘stocky dragon’.

Unlike its other relatives within the dromaeosaur family, which includes Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and the four-winged Microraptor gui, this raptor had not just one but two large, retractable, sickle-shaped claws on each foot, and its limbs were proportionally shorter and heavier than those of its other relatives. Given these and nearly twenty other derived traits, the new genusBalaur was Biological classification created for this one species.

It proved to be a success and further orders would no doubt have been forthcoming had not the war intervened. It was a considerable length of time after the end of the hostilities before the CFR could contemplate major steps towards dieselisation. During the mid ‘s the prospect of financing with the availability of new diesel locomotives that could match the capabilities of the pre-war twin unit fell into place. A factory portrait of DA Access to each locomotive cab was through one door on each side only.

The twin unit concept had moved on, the designs now called for a six axle unit that had similar horsepower to one half of the twin unit but had much improved adhesion weight. Although the mechanical portions were built by SLM the final erection and installation of the electrical equipment was done at Brown Boveri’s Hauenstein shops.

The power unit was a twelve cylinder twin bank four stroke Sulzer 12LDA28 fitted with a single Sulzer exhaust-gas turbo-charger.

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Sibiu’s Towers Turnurile Sibiului For hundreds of years, this walled town in the heart of Transylvania was one of the most powerful and prosperous strongholds in Europe. Surrounded by imposing walls, Sibiu’s original fortifications included 39 defensive towers, five bulwarks, four gates and five artillery batteries. Although the entire network is remarkably well-preserved, the best-maintained section is the southeastern side which has been reinforced several times throughout the centuries since attacks most often came from that direction.

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The city is served by five rail stations: It has an important diesel-powered locomotives depot and a freight terminal. Cycling[ edit ] Over the last six years, Sibiu has enjoyed a revival of cycling. The bicycle way in the city span for 43 kilometers. Bicycle rentals have offered a boost for the local economy with several small rental centers and a bigger rental center that is administered by the I’Velo Bike Sharing group.

Culture[ edit ] Sibiu is one of Romania’s most culturally lively cities. It has 3 theatres and a philharmonic orchestra along with other smaller private theatrical venues and a theatre studio housed by the Performing Arts and Acting section of Lucian Blaga University , where students hold monthly representations. It has both a Romanian-language and a German-language section, and presents an average of five shows a week. The Gong Theatre is specialised in puppetry, mime and non-conventional shows for children and teenagers.

It also presents shows in both Romanian and German.


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